Upload Your NEW Ad Artwork

Thank you for securing your advertising in Condo Media magazine. Please follow the steps below to submit any new ad materials for upcoming publications.

              1.  Please review the upcoming Condo Media deadlines and layout specifications below the upload button.


              2.  Final Display Advertisements must be in one of the following high resolution file formats: Adobe PDF (CMYK), TIFF/JPEG/PNG (300 dpi), EPS Vector file.

                       For Service Guide Profiles and 5-line classified listings a word document may be submitted for the content. Please submit Service Guide Checklists as PDFs.


              3.  Please name your file with the issue year and month in which the ad will be published, your company name, and your ad size

                     Example 1: a half page horizontal ad for the November issue will be: 2023Nov_CAI_HPH

                     Example 2: a 1.5 inch classified ad for the December issue will be: 2023Dec_CAI_1.5in

                                        Please make sure you change the ad size to the correct one:



              4.  Upload your files to our Dropbox folder using the button below.


QUESTIONS? Contact Adina Geller at ageller@caine.org or 781-237-9020 x14


      2024 CONDO MEDIA DEADLINES                        

              May 2024 issue         - Deadline March 22nd (Friday)                        


              June 2024 issue        - Deadline April 25th (Thursday)                      October 2024 issue      - Deadline August 26th (Monday)

              July 2024 issue         - Deadline May 23rd (Thursday)                       November 2024 issue  - Deadline September 24th (Tuesday)

              August 2024 issue    - Deadline June 21st (Friday)                           December2024 issue   - Deadline October 23rd (Wednesday) 

             September 2024 issue - Deadline July 25th (Thursday)