PROGRAMS & SPEAKERS                                                                                         

Concurrent Sessions 10:30 - noon

Landscape Priority

Understand your landscape liability and risk as presenters demonstrate how you can protect trees, plantings and your community.  In addition, find out how to improve and maintain ecosystem services, increase sustainability and reduce your community’s carbon foot print.



Patricia Brawley,


Central Management and Consulting Services


Chloe Poole


Practical Advice for Permanent Change

What lessons are to be learned from the COVID-19 response?  What lessons can boards take from the Surfside tragedy in order to avoid a similar disaster?  Speakers will explore what boards can do today with respect to their role in managing the common areas and will provide boards with actionable guidance.



Gary Daddario, Esq., CCAL

Dean Lennon, Esq.

Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks

Security Lapses

& Liability

The law imposes certain duties upon associations with regard to the security of owners and occupants of units.  A rapidly developing area of law, boards should be aware of the risk and take active steps to eliminate security weaknesses in your building.  Speakers will discuss recent cases that have addressed the issue and highlight board exposure. 


Christopher Lanni,


Secure Residential Services


Douglas Troyer, Esq.

Moriarty Troyer & Malloy


Concurrent Sessions 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Discrimination in Housing

This program will focus on a variety of areas including pets, parking and children, in which the laws against discrimination in housing could trip up unwary boards and managers.  Find out how to address requests for reasonable modifications, manage handicapped parking requests and avoid claims of discrimination against families with children. 

Kerry Augustine,


Mercantile Property Management, AAMC


Matthew Gaines, Esq.

Pamela Jonah, Esq.

Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks

Evolution of Insurance Issues

A discussion of trends in association insurance including building valuation concerns brought on by inflation as well as labor and material shortages; earthquake and flood insurance in light of climate change and remapping; insurance rates stemming from a hardening market with more natural disasters; health related issues including COVID and pollution; and more.

Thomas Shield, CLCS


Michael Brohm

Michael McDonough

Brown & Brown of MA

Navigating Lender Questionnaires

Association board members, managers and owners are grappling with revised Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lender questionnaires.  Answering questions can lead to liability concerns; not answering questions can chill a condominium sale.  Speakers will summarize the issues and provide guidance for board members and managers.

Mark Einhorn, Esq.

Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks


Scott Eriksen, Esq.

Perkins & Anctil


Ryan Severance, Esq.

Moriarty Troyer & Malloy