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Community Association Volunteer Leadership Training
May 5 2018  - May 5 2018
(Holiday Inn, Nashua, NH)
CAI-NE Board Meeting
May 8 2018  - May 8 2018
Condo Board Meeting
May 8 2018  - May 8 2018
Managers' Committee Meeting
May 10 2018  - May 10 2018
Condo Media

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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September 13 2017  - September 13 2017
Transition from Developer to Unit Owner Control
$35.00 Members*
$60.00 Non-Members*
A Guide to the Orderly Transfer of Control from Developer to Owners

A CAI-NE Webinar for Condominium Owners, Board Members,
Association Managers and Attorneys

Wednesday, September 13

2:00 – 3:15 (EDT)

The transition from developer to owner control is a defining moment in the life of a condominium association, eagerly anticipated but filled with challenges – not all of them anticipated or welcome – for owners and their new governing board. A good transition gets a new community off to a smooth start; a poor one creates a rocky road and an uncertain future. This webinar will provide a step by step guide for board members, owners and the professionals who work with them, describing the policies, procedures and protocols they will need and the pitfalls they should avoid to ensure a successful transition. You will learn:
• How to create a transition team
• How to deal with an uncooperative developer
• How to identify red flags in the pre- and post-transition period
• What to do about construction defects

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Condominium owners, board members, managers, association attorneys and other industry professionals.

Thomas Moriarty, Esq., Principal
Moriarty Troyer & Malloy LLC


March 8 2017  - March 8 2017
Coping with the New Marijuana Laws
$35.00 Members*
$60.00 Non-Members*
In November 2016 voters in Massachusetts and Maine approved the recreational use of marijuana. Lawmakers in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont are considering statutes legalizing recreational marijuana in those states, as well.

The prospect that condominium residents may be smoking, growing and even selling marijuana raises a host of thorny legal questions and challenging governance issues for association boards and managers.

This webinar will address among other questions:

Can associations prohibit the use or possession of marijuana?
Will existing smoking bans cover marijuana?
Will existing insurance policies cover marijuana-related damage?
Can boards fire employees who fail drug tests?

Approved for 1 continuing education hour for CMCA recertification.

Mark Einhorn, Esq., Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks, P.C.
Ellen Shapiro, Esq., Goodman, Shapiro & Lombardi, LLC


May 17 2017  - May 17 2017
Fraud in Communities
$35.00 Members*
$55.00 Non-Members*


November 8 2017  - November 8 2017
Construction Contracts: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You
$35.00 Members*
$60.00 Non-Members*
Large construction projects are complicated and stressful, tension between boards and vendors is often unavoidable and litigation is all too common. But the litigation isn’t inevitable.
Look behind many construction-related lawsuits and you will find a poorly drafted contract, lacking the clarity that can avoid misunderstandings, and often leaving associations with flawed projects and without sufficient remedies to correct the problems.
This webinar will explain the essential components of a well-drafted contract, providing the protections associations need and reducing their litigation risks. The speakers will cover:
• Contract terms
• Project administration and oversight
• The role of the engineer
• Project design and construction quality
• Insurance requirements
• Warranties

And much more.

David C. Uitti, Esq.
Mirrione, Shaughnessy & Uitti, LLC

David A. Morand, P.E., SECB
Noblin & Associates, LLC


May 16 2018  - May 16 2018
Managing Lakes & Ponds: Sustainable Solutions for Condo Communities
$35.00 Members*
$60.00 Non-Members*

Everyone recognizes the appeal of sparkling ponds and bubbling fountains in a condominium community. But keeping waterways clean and clear and vibrant is a challenge. This webinar will tell you how to make sure these valuable amenities don’t turn into unsightly eyesores. You will learn:
• How to develop a cost-effective water quality management plan.
• How to monitor and test water quality.
• How to create a vegetation “buffer” for your waterways
• How to maintain healthy water bodies without using chemicals


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