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New England Management Company CEO Forum
November 29 2017  - November 29 2017
(Residence Inn Marriott, Needham, MA)
Condo Media Board Meeting
December 12 2017  - December 12 2017
Condo Media Board Meeting
January 9 2018  - January 9 2018
ELN - Managers' New Year's Social
January 11 2018  - January 11 2018
(The Living Room)
Condo Media

Friday, November 24, 2017
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Below is a list of abstracts for Feature Articles we write on a monthly basis. If you would like to read the full article, click here to become a member or to login.

Ready or Not, Here It Comes!
By: Nena Groskind
September 2017
Snow and ice. Only one is a four-letter word, but both are equally likely to provoke creative invectives from condominium managers and board members, who have to deal with the challenges they create. Winter begins psychologically, if not officially, with the first snowfall, which triggers a cascade of concerns: It has to be removed – from walkways, driveways and sometimes from roofs; it melts and re-freezes, creating ice, which produces both the risk of slip and fall accidents and in the right (or wrong) conditions, dreaded ice dams. And after the third (or fourth or tenth) consecutive schedule-snarling snowfall, it makes everyone cranky. For anyone who recalls the winter of 2015 – and who could possibly forget it – ice dams no doubt still appear in recurring nightmares of leaking roofs, water-damaged interiors, angry homeowners and insurance claims. If you missed the endless explanations of what causes the problem, here’s a brief recap.

It Takes a Village
By: Nena Groskind
August 2017
If you asked condominium board members and industry professionals 30 years ago to identify their biggest problems, “owner apathy” would have been at or near the top of their lists. Ask the same question today, and you’d almost certainly get the same response. Creating a sense of community that makes owners feel connected to their condominium association and encourages them to participate actively in its governance, is as difficult today as it was three decades ago, and every bit as important. “Lack of owner interest creates a climate of neglect, and [permits] the pursuit of self-interest by the board, managers, and committees,” the Community Associations Institute (CAI) warned in a report published several years ago.

Garbage Fees - Trash Collection Is Still a Taxing Issue for Many Condominium Associations
By: Nena Groskind
July 2017
Have you wondered why condominium associations in some cities and towns must pay private contractors to provide trash collection, recycling and other services municipalities provide owners of detached, single-family homes at no charge? Condominium owners pay property taxes, like other single-family homeowners; why don’t they receive the same municipal services?

Winner's Circle
By: Nena Groskind
June 2017
Hundreds of CAI-NE members and their guests gathered at the Marriott in Burlington, MA to celebrate the industry, the chapter and its honorees at the 21st annual chapter dinner and awards banquet. Wes Blair, the chapter’s immediate past president, joined current president Robert Keegan, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, in presenting the awards to association volunteers, professionals and business partners.

Clutter Blindness
By: Nena Groskind
May 2017
It usually starts with a complaint: Owners object to the “bad smell” coming from a neighboring unit, or they report that a resident has begun storing personal possessions in the hallway outside his front door. Perhaps the manager dropped by to deliver a notice or just to say “hello,” and was appalled by the “horrifying clutter” she saw in an owner’s living room. You may be dealing with a hoarding situation. How should you handle it? The first step is understanding that hoarding is a mental illness—designated €officially as such by the American Psychiatric Association in 2013, but recognized by mental health professionals for many years before that.

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