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M-100 Essentials of Management
August 6 2015  - August 8 2015
(Waterbury, CT)
Condo Media Board
August 11 2015  - August 11 2015
Managers' Summer Social
August 20 2015 
(Tia's Restaurant & Bar on the Boston Waterfront)
Chelmsford Board Member Table Discussions
September 12 2015  - September 12 2015
(Radisson Hotel & Suites Chelmsford)
Condo Media

Monday, August 3, 2015
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Below is a list of abstracts for Feature Articles we write on a monthly basis. If you would like to read the full article, click here to become a member or to login.

In a Hole
By: Nena Groskind
July 2015
If the fence around the condominium playground is leaning precariously, if the playground itself is overgrown with weeds, if the decks are sagging and the buildings are in serious need of repainting, you don't need a degree in finance to suspect that this community's finances are probably a mess.

Best of the Best
By: Nena Groskind
June 2015
Anyone ending up by mistake in the ballroom of the Burlington Marriott on the evening of March 13th might have assumed they had wandered not only into the wrong space but into the wrong time period – circa 1920s, to be precise.

Getting Answers
By: Nena Groskind
May 2015
Condominium attorneys field a seemingly endless stream of questions from the community associations they represent. The topics are varied, wide-ranging, often complex and occasionally unique. We’ve compiled a list of the ‘top 10’ legal questions posed by association boards, based on discussions with attorneys and on articles Condo Media has published in the past.

Ahead of the Curve
By: Nena Groskind
April 2015
When I was (much) younger and would fret about problems I might encounter in the future, my Mother would tell me, “Don’t borrow trouble.” Most parents, including me, have no doubt given their children the same advice. Condominium association managers and board members shouldn’t try to “borrow trouble” either, by fashioning rules and implementing policies to address problems that haven’t surfaced yet and may not ever require attention.

Nurturing a Green Thumb
By: Nena Groskind
March 2015
Is sex necessary? We thought the question humorist James Thurber once posed, would get your attention so we could ask the admittedly less enticing but nonetheless important question we want you to consider: Is landscaping necessary? And the answer - to the landscaping question - is an unequivocal yes.

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